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During our many years in the industry we have seen companies that wanted the power and control of costly, highly functional ERP products but had to compromise as these products were unaffordable and just too complex to implement. Forced to opt for a simple accounting system and do much of the operational processes (like quoting, costing and stock control) using spreadsheets, these companies are increasingly turning to Umbrella ERP to enjoy the benefits that were previously unaffordable and too difficult to use.

By providing sub-systems for control of Quoting, Sales, Stock Control, Point of Sale & Distribution, Job Costing and After-Sales Service, Production as well as Projects we have been able to keep the transactions where they belong – in the sub-system ledgers and not as journal entries in the General Ledger where good operational reporting is almost impossible to achieve. The result is an excellent financial system, with all operational details stored in the applicable sub-systems. This enhances reporting, drill down to source documents and reduces the number of accounts in the General Ledger.

Over the years, we have worked with many managers and owners of businesses, solving complex problems with them and reducing administration costs, working capital, and maximising profitability. We have also learned that owners/managers need vital information ‘pushed’ to their phones, tablets, or PCs to stay on top of the business while they are out of the office. We use a facility, called FAQ, to push Frequently Asked Questions to Managers PC’s, Phones and Tablets – each set of FAQ’s customised to suit the needs of that Manager.

Because we develop Umbrella ERP, we know everything there is to know about the product and how it can be used to meet a company’s diverse requirements.

Our Implementation Consultants are experts in Accounting, Inventory Control, Costing, Distribution, Production and Costing. This deep understanding of our software and business skills allows us to add far greater value to the partnership we have with our customers.

There is an increasing number of multi-national ERP systems on offer where you are inviting to log on and go with an ‘email us if you have any questions’ option. In contrast, Umbrella will conduct a proper due diligence to determine the suitability of our software to the needs of your company. We then partner with you to ensure your processes are optimised and staff properly trained so that you realise the full potential of an integrated, company-wide ERP system.

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Umbrella Software helps companies that want the power and control of highly functional ERP products without the high cost and complexity of implementation, training and use. Our deep understanding and superior skill in the business value chain enable valuable partnerships with our clients.

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