What is included in Umbrella?

  • Extensive Masterfile data, recording everything you need to know about your customers and their branches.
  • Groups, Categories – you name it.
  • Credit terms and Limits.
  • See all past transactions and outstanding sales orders.
  • Prices Lists.
  • Store any documentation such as VAT Certificate etc.
  • Extensive Masterfile data, recording everything you need to know about your Suppliers.
  • Groups, Categories – you name it.
  • Credit terms and Limits.
  • See all past transactions and outstanding purchase orders.
  • Store any documentation such as BEE Certificate etc.
  • List products you purchase from this Supplier, lead time and price.
  • Multi-currency Cash Books.
  • Transactions download from banks and quick transaction allocation.
  • Ad-hoc payments to staff or contractors in the field on Jobs or Projects – with correct allocation of the cost.
  • Multiple Divisions for the same General Ledger Account.
  • Sub-Accounts for more detailed reporting.
  • Block journal processing to Control accounts.
  • Work in different accounting periods at the same time.
  • Re-open a prior period to process final audit journals: no month-end and year-end processing.
  • Assets by Class, Type, Make Model, Range.
  • Many additional fields are available for recording all the information you need per Assets such as Vehicles, Plant and Machinery.
  • Acquisition, Revaluation and Disposal.
  • Asset location recording.
  • Sales Calls, Unapproved and Approved Quotes, conversion to Sales Order or Proforma Invoice.
  • Invoice Sales Order.
  • Deliver goods and Invoice signed Delivery Note – document saved to the Invoice.
  • Allow capture of a Sales Order but no invoicing if Customer Credit Limit has been exceeded.
  • Partial Sales Order delivery, multiple deliveries per sales orders.
  • Stop an incomplete Sales Order.
  • Extensive Selling Price options – unlimited Price Lists – linked to groups or individual customers.
  • Excel import of prices for bulk changes – activate on a future date.
  • Consolidate the number of Purchase orders by using ‘net requirement planning’ techniques.
  • Demand drives purchase orders so that stock holding is minimised while the customer due date is satisfied.
  • Full access to Stock Sales History and Supplier file when purchasing. Purchase to General Ledger, Stock item, Job, Project, and Asset.
  • Import Shipment Costing process dramatically reduces the time needed to cost a shipment while catering for forex rates, Shipping, Duty, VAT, and local transport – all in one smooth process.
  • Long part number and description fields for technical descriptions.
  • Group and Categorise stock by multiple methods.
  • Static and dynamic bin control.
  • Traceability by Batch or Serial Number with expiry dates.
  • Certificate Of Compliance control for items requiring ISO Quality control, including Quality Control warehouse.
  • Powerful Warehouse transfer capability with direct and goods in transit capability.
  • Add transport, storage, and other costs to stock items – per warehouse. Multiple Units of Measure, including variable weight. Supplier Price Lists, Customer Price lists.
  • Bar Code control for ease of tracking stock movement.
  • For businesses that ‘add value. From a large, multi-month or year Construction or Engineering Project to a small repair job, you need to control your budget and resources required to meet the customer’s scope of work.
  • Capture Time Sheets.
  • Control Subcontractors.
  • Control Assets and Tooling needed.
  • Ensure excess stock is returned after the job is complete.
  • Control pre-payments and progress payments and retentions.
  • EPCM – Engineer, Procure, Contract and Manage.
  • Construction – High-value single unit developments to low-cost housing and Civil engineering.
  • Engineering – Fabrication, Heavy and Light Engineering, Precision Engineering.
  • Solar Projects with tight control over Project deliverables.
  • Complex Electrical Contracting – from Sub-stations to Instrumentation.
  • Workshop control with the repair of own and customer equipment.
  • Refurbishment and re-build.
  • Strip and Quote method of operation.
  • Amend a job if the scope of work changes.
  • Track actuals against budget.
  • Progress of job, tracking to promised delivery date.
  • Field Service with stock control.
  • Ad-hoc repair with auto-issue of stock, track labour.
  • Service vehicle control.
  • Warranty control.
  • Detailed or Summary Invoicing.
  • Allocation of work to Technicians.
  • Manufacture, Contract Manufacture and Sub-Contract Manufacture.
  • Multi-level Bill of Material with Version control.
  • Bill of Material production within Manufacturing – process flow.
  • Control of items issued to a Manufacturing order – Work in Progress.
  • Partial Issue, over-issue to cater for re-work, partial and variable receipt of product – to cater for scrap and variable yield production such as plastics, foods etc.
  • Control of product sent to a sub-contractor for services such as finishing.
  • Cost Recovery.
  • Labour recording.
  • Asset Management is the management of your Fixed Assets. Location control records where static Assets (office furniture) are but it is more important where you are using your Plant or Equipment, in the field, on a Project or Job. You know exactly where each Asset is and if those no longer required in the field have been returned.
  • Is the Plant and Equipment fleet making money, or are the maintenance costs so high that disposal is warranted? Costs of Plant and Equipment used on Jobs or rented to Customers need to be recorded against the Asset as Income.
  • Operating Costs of the Asset (fuel, oil, operator wages) can be recorded as costs against the Asset Income Statement.
  • Repair Jobs in the field or workshop are properly controlled, and spares, labour and contracted out work are recorded. These costs can be expensed to the Asset or, if the job is a complete re-build, you may choose to re-capitalise the value of the Asset by the cost of the re-build.
  • This allows you to tell the performance of the fleet, item by item, immediately.
  • Messages from one user to another can be recorded for improved inter-personnel communication.
  • A Task is an activity that is allocated to someone, with a required due date and delegation capability if that person is otherwise detained.
  • Overdue Tasks are displayed in red, with escalation to that person’s manager, tasks that are due now are recorded as yellow, completed tasks are recorded as green and signed off tasks are no longer displayed on your task list.
  • This is a valuable tool for workflow definition and management.
  • Attach a document or picture to a transaction or Masterfile.
  • Some industries are forced to record and store large volumes of documentation. Storing these electronically is no longer new – but storing them against the applicable Masterfile or transaction data allows for quick and logical retrievable of this data. This is invaluable for work that is subject to complex contracts; it is also very valuable for ISO Quality Control Compliance.

Umbrella ERP Software is deployed with Web Services and a library of APIs included. In line with the open manner in which Umbrella is designed, including full (approved) user access to your data, Umbrella also caters for integration with many 3rd party products. Umbrella supports e-commerse, Order and Invoice integration to suppliers and customers ERP systems, integration with electronic scales, biometric systems, this will increase, in line with increased adoption of 4IR. Woo-Commerce, Netstock and Skynamo integration is supported.

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